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Red Thread CircleShops

Red Thread Circles. What are they really? 
Many beliefs exist about the Red Thread. It is worn for protection, weaves the symbols of verbal histories, is a symbol of connection and much more. There is a story from China...and many other places, that each of us is connected with a red thread when we are born, to other people we are to meet in our lives. It can get snarled or becomes unseen but it is always there. Red Thread Circles are a group of people who get together, usually around a theme, and connect to one another literally wrapping our wrists with a continuous red thread. We create a safe place to speak and witness one another in confidentiality. We strive to understand what part of the overall theme is "our" part to work with and agree to be responsible for that as we cut the thread binding us together. We claim that piece of thread and the responsible actions it represents as our own. I often wear red threads around my wrist as a physical reminder and energy holder of that time we spent together. We form close connections and are also able to "Tug on that thread" to communicate with the others and ask for their support if we need it. Red Thread Circles...... What are they really...... Connection, witnessing one another's thoughts, feelings about a theme claiming our own responsibility or action as needed.

CircleShops.... add an art/craft element of fun and transformation  to the Circles.


This Series will be for the Brave of Heart only !!!

Are there situations in your life that rob you of your power and your vision, make all the feathers fall out of your Dreaming Wings? 


Do you need to create your life from ORIGINAL THOUGHTS based on NEW possibilities for the future, not the walls of fear from your past


 If so, join me online with a Red Thread Circle of SiStars who will connect around the day's theme and support one another as we  work together to investigate and create ways of making soul saving changes for our lives...

Become the Mistress of Your Own Solutions





Beginning in NOVEMBER

Session 1. My Box: Walking On Eggshells - Nov. 2

 Session 2. My Phoenix: Setting the Nest on Fire - Nov 16

Session 3. My Caterpillar: Research and Possibilities - TBA

Session 4. My Butterfly: Change Yourself, Change the World - TBA


See below to sign up for email notices of these events or email me directly  

Join me for this series of 4 events, one a week for 4 weeks, using both Zoom video conferencing and prerecorded videos. You will be able to access  The CircleShop segment in real time or at your own convenience, while  the Red Thread Circle portion will not be recorded as a matter of privacy.  Sessions will be available for six weeks to give you time for completion of each one.  Each session will work with one of the suggested themes both in a Red Thread Circle and a CircleShop craft workshop.


We will use Issue Illustration and Overlay as explained in my book Rose Crone Guide and your own powerful Intentions with other Creative Processes and easy art work to create an "especially yours", meaningful, simple art project. It will represent both your intention and your process.  This image and this process will physically change how your brain perceives and stores your story into an image of the resolution of your issue. You will now be writing the stories of your newly possible future, rather than something based  on past energies and happenings!


Above are the themes as I understand them in this moment though they may change a bit as the Muse whispers to me in the meantime.   See below to sign up for email notices of all events or email me directly with questions.  Check back here as well for new information.  There is not much longer to wait!!!! 

So consider, listen to your heart.  Take a chance on growing and connecting to new Red Thread SiStars who welcome you with open arms!!!  

Stage 11.jpg
Pink feather.jpg

I Am My Mistress of Solutions - Acrylic on canvas 20" x 20" Available POR© 2018 Feather Redfox

Change is a whisper
like the brush of feathers as they 
wing thru the air moving and swirling it
in patterns unseen.
We feel its shifting and 
sense the new Codes of it's
So too does the Alchemy
the Magic of our lives
create changes 
at first unrecognized
rooting in air then 
lifting our wings
till feathers hold us suspended
in new life directions

Feather 7/2018

Give yourself an opportunity


Register here:

The group of  4 sessions will be discounted from 

$120.00 to $100.00 

when purchasing all 4 at the same time.

Supply lists and supporting instructions for each session beyond the video instruction, will be sent to you via email upon your registration. That will come one session at a time as they are given.

Please register for the Group of 4 Sessions here:


This may also be paid in two payments by contacting me

directly at :

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Individual sessions will be available HERE one at a time for $30.00 apiece 

Registration for Session #2 MY PHOENIX is now available

Supply lists and supporting instructions beyond the video instruction will be sent to you via email upon your registration, one session at a time as they are available.

Please Register for individual sessions Here:

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Register here for occasional email about new events or thoughts.  I do not in any way sell or give any of your information to others for any purpose at all.  It is only used to share my emails with you.

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© 2018 by Rose Crone Guide. of HeartPath Studio in Santa Fe  NM - Proudly created with

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