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Reclaiming our CRONE selves

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Hello My Loves,


For some time now  I have been focused on our elder stage of life and what is often called our Crone stage.  Frequently that is equated with growing old, ugly, weak and often with stereotypical witch cartoon images.   We have come to fear our own aging, especially as women, because there has long been an acculturated belief that once a woman is past child bearing age or being able to bear burdens and help  in those ways, she is of no use.  This is  in large part due to the tenants of Patriarchy.


Here is some history of this maligned word


Late Middle English around 1300 AD: via Middle Dutch croonje, caroonje ‘carcass, old ewe’ (a woman even older than an old woman)from Old Northern French caroigne ‘carrion, cantankerous woman’  


 It was slang for  garbage or carrion or something fit only for the garbage heap


TODAY we are making progress in the respect and honoring of our older age and we add………………………….


Source: Your Dictionary

A woman who is venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom.

As I was thinking of our Crone selves, it occurred to me that we need to be aware of two stereotypes, not just one!


SISTARS:  WE also need to …..Beware the ….opposite…. of the witch characterization of the Crone. The opposite is not necessarily what we want to be either…….. The kind, loving, generous, never angering grandmother image can also be destructive for women. Sometimes as the Grandmother Crone, we have to stomp our foot, we have to say no, we have to say stop! This is a part of us that is very fearsome for Patriarchy. We need to understand Crones as being wise women, as older women, those who have learned to …..assert their POWER.  And we do have Power working together in collaboration with our SiStars as well as individually. We assert it in compassionate ways but we do have to assert it when needed. 


We have to pick up  that empowerment  first…something not always easy to do and something our Crone selves can help with.  Remember that we can both assert power when it is needed  AND  assert it in compassionate ways.   So we need to be very, very careful that we don't start falling from the cartoon of the witch, into the cartoon of the benevolent,  never angered grandmother who can do no wrong.

I believe that who and how we are is very much determined by how and who we think we are.

   Witch * PERFECT GRANDMOTHER   or  Rose Crone

I have looked to my own Crone for guidance in navigating this time in my own life and even wrote a book dedicated to her and called: 

                                             The Rose Crone Guide

She loved being called a Rose Crone and so agreed to speak with me IF i shared her messages with all of you, and that is exactly what I will be doing!

The Rose Crone Guide  is  a deeply helpful workbook I have written to guide us first to learn who we truly are and then to meld the best of Witch and Perfect Grandmother into a Rose Crone.  It is a book about BEGINNINGS more than endings.  And definitely not about sitting in a rocking chair with a cup of tea...though that too is good sometimes!


I will be offering a monthly circle group to work with that manual this summer and thru the rest of the year. It will help you learn who/where you truly are in your Life Journey and discover your adventure to becoming a Rose Crone.  It can help you to:

                         *Create a bit of Anarchy in your Life

                          * Live Beyond the Possible

                          *Choose Metamorphosis not Stagnation

                          *Make TIME your ALLY

                          *Be the map of what is to come

                          *Awaken your Dreaming Wings and Learn to Fly

                          *Follow the Sacred Dreams of your heart!

                          * Change yourself and  change the world

If you would like a preview of this work you can see and purchase it on Amazon:


Or it can be ordered directly from me as an autographed copy by sending a note to:

The book is $20.95 with free shipping.

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Lg Rose stripe 300.jpg
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So much love
Blessings to you all

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© 2021 by Rose Crone Guide. of HeartPath Studio in Santa Fe  NM

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