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  HeartPath Guidance  

Helping Women Empower Themselves

Discover your own personal path!

     All of us have questions,

and life is all about the great teachings those questions have to offer!

They are gateways, Portals to unknown possibilities for a very difficult year, full of the Unknown.  









May I be your Compassionate Guide using MetaHeART, or metacognative drawing, writing, drama and other interactive processes to create a map of your adventure, your path for YOUR JOURNEY?  It would be my Honor to support that work for you.

Sessions with me are currently being done by Zoom or over the phone.  If any of these words resonate with you and you are looking for a Guide, lets have a Discovery Chat to explore whether or not you would feel comfortable working with me. Please contact me at:







Other Thoughts:


The Healing power of Beauty and its Sanctity


True  Beauty is Sacred and comes from the heart, luminesces thru our cells as radiant light.  It is OUR ripple impact.  it is so magical yet it is the most elemental force within us, the one that ...Lives Beyond the Possible...It is that which is our part of Source and beyond explanation.  It sings our heart songs and roars the claiming of Self in the most profound ways.





are they Fortresses or


or some of both?

Both may be able to keep you safe

But from what?

From whom?

Safe from new ways,

new experiences?

 New versions of YOU?

Is your Life Box big enough to open your dreaming wings inside of it........

to Fly in?

or did you clip your feathers so that you could fit its size?

Sometimes boxes hold wonders, precious things and sometimes....

Things that may need to be thrown away,

or recycled,

or recreated,

I like Re-Created

It is full of possibility

 Is there something in your box

 that you can re-create in new and more beautiful ways?

Ways that are truly more about you

 and who you really are?

Can you wisely choose what to save

and what to release to

grow your own heart

to be true to yourself

to bring healing to all that

needs healed and

remember the world needs us to share that energy with her

Share our healing so that

Others too can more easily heal.

 Look closely today at YOUR box

What is it calling for you to do?


Feather 8/2018

So often we can only see the known and expected.  And so often there are myriads of other possibilities that we have not even fathomed  Learning to see a Journey thru the

          Portal of Unknown Possibilities

      as a gift..... may be YOUR Journey.  

© 2021 by Rose Crone Guide. of HeartPath Studio in Santa Fe  NM - 

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