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Helping Women pick up their Empowerment thru Individual Guidance, ART Medicine


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HeartPath Healing's Support of Social Justice

At HeartPath Healing™, it is my intention to be of service to my SiStars, women, and those who identify as women of all ages, colors, ethnicities and cultures. All who are able to interact respectfully and with compassion for others, regardless of similarities or differences, are welcomed to this work. HeartPath Healing™ helps create Social Justice by offering courses that guide us in healing and empowering ourselves.

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Dear Beloved Beings,

The work of HeartPath Healing™ is to help..... You as an individual...... See...... the guideposts to the path of Your True Self.  It is my deepest joy to work together with you as we resolve trauma, conflict and then move to awaken the sleeping dreams of your future life in realistic ways.  As a Guide,  I have experienced many of the things that you will encounter and can share both their joy and sorrow with you.  Together we will journey thru them to new doorways of being, perhaps as yet unseen by you.  We play and explore your needs with:

Easy Art processes such as MetaHeART™  processes  and Intentional Creativity© that work in layers to express both Joy, Challenges and Solutions,

Simple Drama


       Compassionate Dialog ....


        all with Shamanic grounding


We walk together to YOUR Life Labyrinth's Center.  From there we work side by side walking back out of that labyrinth to create a Fulfillment Plan for actualizing the dreams, the Life Legacy that you are meant to create.  Work with me one on one at HeartPath™ Healing and let's find the right path for YOU in ways that are full of discovery and even adventure at times!  I seek those who have a deep desire to clarify who they are, to truly know and live their truth with a fiery compassion.  We work together to heal any aspects of that, which they may feel a desire to change! To ask deeper questions or schedule a time to meet with me on Zoom, please connect with me for more information at:



     With Love and Heart Blessings,

         Feather Redfox

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June 22 thru August 31

June 22 thru August 31

Paint Peace Seeds and Heal Your Own Inner Wars

July 6 thru September 14

July 6 thru September 14

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