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Join a Monthly
Red Thread Circle
with Your SiStars and
Meet Your Newest Self!  Could it be 


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My Dearest SiStars
I would make life easier for each of us if possible but instead we learn as we go and hold each others hands for support.  I hesitate in writing this.  It’s a long letter and perhaps a check in with reality.  My hope is it will have something to share with you as you read it.  Perhaps a cup of tea and a journal for your thoughts would be good as well.

Trying to find my way.


I seldom bare personal issues online yet this felt important.  It’s been a challenging year for me as it has for many of you.  That is probably for different reason for us each, yet, the outcome for me may sound familiar to you as well. I found myself crying at war scenes and stories of abused people and many poor animals….All beyond my remotest comprehension or ability to cure.

 In addition, I suddenly realized that my remaining life span was actually pretty short and looked at the things I had managed to do with a lot of dissatisfaction, seeing only what I had not accomplished, not what I had accomplished....... and judged myself accordingly even though I knew better.  It felt as though life was pretty much over and then physical difficulties began showing up till it seemed all I loved and looked forward to beyond my family was slowly and not so slowly being taken away from me, I was very aware that so many others in the world near and far had life situations much worse than my own, yet it all gnawed at my soul and kept telling me my life was over but there was a bit of hope.  These are the things that finally helped me move beyond my depression 

my MetaHeART™ exercises and my painting.

Learn more about MetaHeART and Art as Medicine below:

Please read more of this story

To learn more about MetaHeART™ as a form of ART Medicine and share with a RED THREAD WOMEN'S CIRCLE.  Women of ALL ages are invited to come join us. Do deep searching of who we are and what we want for the rest of our lives. What stage of our lives are we in?  Who speaks to us, Maiden, Mother or Rose Crone?   Who is Rose Crone? What is our own method of SPEECH...voice, pen, brush, movement? Do we still have our Dreaming Wings or do they need revived to help us learn to Speak WITH OUR OWN VOICES?  It is time for us as women of ALL ages to be: 




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*My Heart offerings for you are:  A guided once a month Zoom version for SiStars far and wide and an  In-home in Santa Fe once a month version of similar Women’s Red Thread CircleShop sharing and learning with a Gagle of women who will become SiStars


*A healing experience with Art or MetaHeART™ as Medicine for our self images.  Learn a Medicine Basket of simple techniques to heal and help yourself and others which we will have fun trying and illustrating in a small booklet or manual 


*A chance to awaken your dreams and plan for them referencing and working with my workbook The Rose Crone Guide which can be purchased from me for $21.00 plus $5.00 shopping for  a signed copy. Or it can be purchased from Amazon



*Your  Heart offering to me  for the Red Thread CircleShops can be from $15.00 to $30.00 a session as you are able.  I will let you know before hand the specific subject of each session.   Please let me know your interest or ask your questions at the  Heartpath email then join us at one of the links below to register and receive the Zoom information  as well be notified of any supplies you may need for different sessions.


       Join us by emailing to register and/or purchase the book




                                       or write to me at


Much love and Blessings



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