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Join a Monthly
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Meet Your Newest Self!  Could it be 

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                                    Are You A Rose Crone? 

Hello My Loves!

Welcome Maidens, Mothers of all sorts of things and Crones. 


I'm getting really excited and smiling!  I think we can have such fun in our circles with all of this!

          Are You Too Old To Be Silly?

Are you too old to be Silly, to have the fun of making NO sense when you choose to, to have a dream, to create a little ANARCHY, to be a diplomat for peace and women, to grow your wings? Maybe you need a new passport, a NEW IDENTIFICATION for this part of your life,  no matter what part it is!! Perhaps , just perhaps you have grown out of old identities...Did I say OLD?  Oh horrors. 

                                                          NO ONE  WANTS TO BE OLD!!!

Or perhaps it is that no one wants to be ill and helpless and heading to the end of their life!?!  I don't.  I am sure you don't either.  However we have a choice, we either grow OLDER...... (not necessarily OLD)......or we die young!.  Its HOW we  become our newer or  Elder selves that is the real  choice for us, a true opportunity.  I choose to become a .......                                            

                                                                       ROSE CRONE

Rose Crones, like older roses that have dried, become beautiful in a different way.  They are both fragile and strong.  Their colors often deepen and their scents grow more  identifiable like our own sense of who we are and our characteristics. I invite you to explore that option of being a Rose Crone with me now or in your future.  Be part of a  circle of women of ALL ages, Red Thread SiStars who gather once a month to talk and work with the Rose Crone Manual that I have written.  We will create a bit of art or MetaHeART work and think together with a little ceremony, maybe some poetry or stories or drama and lots of love and caring for one another.  Join our Gagle of SiStars one Saturday afternoon a month as that works for your schedules and create your own Art Medicine, your own Joy, sense of belonging and ADVENTURE.  You need not be at every session.  Each is complete in itself. We will Birth a New Passport for you in our first session and perhaps a bit more daring or different version of you to share on our secret Red Thread SiStars special  Face Book page. You may even meet Miz Effie one day, an alternative version of me

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To learn more about MetaHeART as a form of ART Medicine and share with a RED THREAD WOMEN'S CIRCLE.  Women of ALL ages are invited to come join us. Do deep searching of who we are and what we want for the rest of our lives. What stage of our lives are we in?  Who speaks to us, Maiden, Mother or Rose Crone?   Who is Rose Crone? What is our own method of SPEECH...voice, pen, brush, movement? Do we still have our Dreaming Wings or do they need revived to help us learn to Speak WITH OUR OWN VOICES?  It is time for us as women of ALL ages to to be: 


                                                            SILENCED NO MORE


We  will use my book, The Rose Crone's Manual as a bit of a reference with a little artful creativity for fun and added learning. We will be joyful, thoughtful, ask earnest questions, look for new understandings and build new connections and SiStarhood with other women of similar desires to learn.  We will meet on Zoom,  just once a month for a heart offering of $25.00 a session, paid to PayPal or by check or money order.  You may purchase the book from me also for $20.00 plus 4.00 shipping  for a very helpful reference but it is not required.  We begin this new adventure Saturday July 24 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM MST. Do feel welcomed and join us for this new adventure!!!  JOIN US


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*My Heart offerings for you are:  A guided once a month Women’s Red Thread CircleShop sharing and learning with a Gagle of women who will become SiStars

*A healing experience with Art or MetaHeART as Medicine for our self images and moving into older stages of our lives, even if we aren’t there yet!

*A chance to awaken your dreams and plan for them.


*Your  Heart offering to me  would be $25.00  a month for the sessions you choose to attend, via PayPal, check or money order.  I will let you know before hand the specific subject of each session.   Please join us at one of the links below to register and receive the Zoom information  as well be notified of any supplies you may need for different sessions.


       Join us by emailing to register and/or purchase the book






Much love and Blessings



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