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Cosmic Sunshine:

A Deeper Dive to Empowerment

with  ART Medicine

Winter sunflower  filtered 2.jpg
Winter sunflower  filtered 2.jpg

 A Red Thread CircleShop:

 March 27th 1:00 to 2:30 PM MST.

with a

Red Thread Circle Zoom call to begin!

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***I Hope You Will Join Me Dear SiStars***

My Heart Offering to you is this:  Each group of Cosmic Sunshine Teachings has 3-4 conversational videos with me to guide you every step of the way in this work.  That is a total of about 12 videos all together.  All will be available for you indefinitely so that you are able to work with them at your own pace and in the comfort and safety of your own home.  I will also be available for help thru email.  I expect to  begin with a Red Thread Zoom call to bring us together as a group of SiStars and create some deeper connections for us as well as consider what we hope to gain and later, what we feel we have gained from this work.

If this work speaks to you,  if you want to find new magic and ways to work with your life  I appreciate in advance Your Heart Offering to me of $375.00, a discounted cost for the series of all 4 teachings.  You may also choose to make 4 monthly payments of 99.00  a month if that works better for you.  Register at the link below.

Several scholarships will be available. To inquire about them or just to speak with me to see if this work is a good fit for you please contact me at:

I truly look forward to our Journey together, to create and celebrate new found ways of choreographing our lives and energy as we pick up our power!  May we begin being

Heart's New Tree of Life

So very much love,

Cosmic Sunshine  and Empowered Future Dreams,

Sunflower protection,

And lovely chocolate too!




Comes in with... Cosmic


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Other Women's Options

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Give yourself a free opportunity




Give yourself an opportunity

Join our Red Thread Facebook page

Red Thread Circles.


Many beliefs exist about the Red Thread. It is worn for protection, weaves the symbols of verbal histories, is a symbol of connection and much more. There is a story from China...and many other places, that each of us is connected with a red thread when we are born, to other people we are to meet in our lives. It can get snarled or becomes unseen but it is always there. Red Thread Circles are a group of people who get together, usually around a theme, and connect to one another literally wrapping our wrists with a continuous red thread. We create a safe place to speak on a theme and witness one another in confidentiality. We strive to understand what part of the overall theme is "our" part to work with and agree to be responsible for that as we cut the thread binding us together. We claim that piece of thread and the responsible actions it represents as our own. I often wear red threads around my wrist as a physical reminder and energy holder of that time we spent together. We form close connections and are also able to "Tug on that thread" to communicate with the others and ask for their support if we need it. Red Thread Circles...... What are they really...... Connection, witnessing one another's thoughts, feelings about a theme claiming our own responsibility or action as needed.

CircleShops.... add an art/craft element of fun and transformation  to the Circles.

Red Thread SiStarhood connections

Join our Facebook page just for

Red Thread Sistars


Love and Blessings,

Sunflowers Wrapped with Red Thread


Lovely Chocolate.




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Red Thread Guide Certified.jpg

© 2021 by Feather Redfox. of HeartPath Studio in Santa Fe  NM - Proudly created with

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Class Registration

is done thru PayPal. 

You may pay full amount  of $375.00 in one

payment for a discount off full cost or

one of 4 monthly payments for - $ 99.00

to be repeated for four months.

Just add the note "Cosmic Sunshine" to your

payment.  You will be sent a payment reminder

each month but will need to complete it yourself.

It will NOT be deducted automatically.

If you would like to be considered for a 

scholarship, please email me at with

Scholarship in the content line and I will

respond to you from there 

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June 22 thru August 31

June 22 thru August 31

Paint Peace Seeds and Heal Your Own Inner Wars

July 6 thru September 14

July 6 thru September 14

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