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Session #2 MY PHOENIX: Setting the Nest on Fire

Lightning in a Matchbox could be explosive but works with HeartPath Alchemy and the Phoenix!....Working always from a Heart of love and Gratitude, you will create with fire and intention, burn your nest of old comfortable behaviors as a way to create new ones!  The friction of things in our lives we perceive as negative situations and events, causes energy within us, and if we are able to harness that, like Lightning in a Bottle, we can add some to our crafted Matchbox Shrines of Intention and build the Phoenix flames of change within ourselves thru creating New Habit Energy

Join me as we dive into this work for your own

Many Heart Blessings with Chocolate and woven Red Threads!!!



Register now for Session#2 MY PHOENIX: 

Friday. November 2 - 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM

$30.00 for the session

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