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Session #4: MY BUTTERFLY: Change Yourself; Change the World

We have dedicated ourselves the first two sessions in this series to getting really clear about what our issues are. What things are feeling like a jail, what old ways need changed to help us move out of our boxes, and one simple and beautiful ceremony to call in the Phoenix and develop New Habit energy to help us learn to make changes.  We then learned about Heart intelligence and how to connect to our hearts for their different intuitive energy knowings thru meditation  and worked to understand about our caterpillar journey and how important it is.  As the unsung hero of all change, caterpillar does the leg work (no pun intended ), of getting and consuming the needed information, brainstorming new ideas and figuring out what connections we need to make changes.  Finally we are at the session of My Butterfly, Change Yourself and Change the World  and it is time to  plan for our  dreams and new beginnings AND to begin to pick up our own power!!!.  OUR Empowerment overcomes Adversity .In this way we become a community of SiStars, of Shaman women.   We support one another and we help heal ourselves and  one another and so the world,,

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