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Trying to find my way.


I seldom bare personal issues online yet this felt important.  It’s been a challenging year for me as it has for many of you.  That is probably for different reason for us each, yet, the outcome for me may sound familiar to you as well. I found myself crying at war scenes and stories of abused people and many poor animals….All beyond my remotest comprehension or ability to cure.

 In addition, I suddenly realized that my remaining life span was actually pretty short and looked at the things I had managed to do with a lot of dissatisfaction, seeing only what I had not accomplished, not what I had accomplished....... and judged myself accordingly even though I knew better.  It felt as though life was pretty much over and then physical difficulties began showing up till it seemed all I loved and looked forward to beyond my family was slowly and not so slowly being taken away from me, I was very aware that so many others in the world near and far had life situations much worse than my own, yet it all gnawed at my soul and kept telling me my life was over.


 I tried to focus on the positive and beautiful things and I kept painting.  Then after 6 months of trying to be scheduled for a knee replacement, that finally happened.  The timing was all off as I had envisioned it done in the spring giving me time to heal for the visit I had planned to see my two sons who I have missed much.   I was also to hang a little show in Starbucks 1st of November that I had waited a whole year for.  Now both of those things had to be cancelled.  I will see my sons this spring instead of in the fall but it was disappointing. 


Then suddenly my friend and teacher died.  I was to spend time with her in Santa Fe when she came to visit but had a reaction to my last booster shot and couldn’t see her right away. Several things happened to her and suddenly she was gone! Further more, it seemed as though I had received a call from her, talked to her on the phone, after she was unconscious and no longer able to do that as well!  All of this left me in shock and deepened my sadness….and I had just started this painting….I wasn’t sure but it seemed to be asking…What is my next step?




A Bit of Hope.

A few weeks ago, I had the knee surgery and it went well but a part of me thought I would never again be able to do the things I loved as there were some other undiagnosed difficulties as well. Even my voice had gotten hoarse several weeks BEFORE the surgery and I wasn’t able to sing any longer.  I had no idea why. They did intubate me for surgery but this happened before surgery.  The things that finally helped me move beyond my depression were my MetaHeART™ exercises and my painting.  Join me to learn about this

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Moving into the Future


  I am a sensitive so I think I will always be moved to tears by tragedy of any sort but I now see a future and joy, doing things I love, regardless of how many years that life contains.


Moving Beyond an Ending


I have finished the painting and see it now as :

Moving Beyond an Ending: Thru Past and Present to a Future.  It has helped me work thru much of my depression


MetaHeART™ and Painting as Medicine

I would like to share with you all I have learned about the healing powers of using Art as Medicine.  It is time again for me to offer some workshops and sessions on learning about that. I have told you some of my personal story to help you see that truly, ART is MEDICINE and there are many ways to approach that from painting to MetaHeART™ exercises which I teach that are a lot of fun and very effective The pictures are from a little manual of some different types of things that I created and do with the MetaHeART™ work.








MetaHeART™  Booklet


The physical exercises for my knee are hard but have to be done and the MetaHeART exercises are so much easier but help my state of mind just as much.  My knee is healing and  I realized that I can sing again and my voice is pretty normal now and I am no longer depressed as I was. I am so grateful.   My energy is shifting with the help of my willingness to do the necessary work of exercising for my knee and MetaHeART™ exercises for my state of mind. Its such a blessing. I can’t tell you.  It all made me appreciate having a voice and being able to speak and sing much more than ever before and feeling happy.  We take so much for granted in our lives. I even stood up and did some free form dancing that I enjoy and I knew that I had moved beyond that Ending time, a kind of Shamanic Death for me.   I am now feeling into a new part of my life. The Future!

MetaHeART™ Exercises

All of these are exercises and none require you to be an artist or have any “talent”.  It’s about expressing our feelings and letting your creativity have a freedom that isn’t concerned about how others judge it.

MetaHeART™ Exercises-How they Work


MetaHeART™ processes are so simple and effective. They are very helpful for getting healing information and having  a medicine basket of things you can use in your own healing or to share with others.  They literally change the chemicals that our body is producing from destructive ones to helpful ones .  They help our brains see other ways to process our life events and feelings, creating new neural pathways. The physical images and writing and movements create new understanding and help our brains see alternative reactions to the ones we have been trained and been acculturated to believe were the only ones possible.  WE are making the invisible, visible for our brains. The workshops and Circles I will offer also have a Red Thread component and help us create SiStarhood so that we can support one another as well.


I do hope to share this with you.  I hope it sounds interesting to you and will be happy to answer any questions.

I’m envisioning 6-12 sessions, once a month, to create a

MetaHeART™ manual similar to the one pictured here

to help you learn and remember the processes for healing yourself. Several painting classes and other workshops are possible as well where I will share the way I work step by step, perhaps painting your Star Woman Self or working together on exercises from the Rose Crone Guide?

I suggest Heart Gifts of $15 to $30.00 paid per session at the class time.

Scholarships are possible

If interested send a note to me at this address:


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Life is not always about giving to others.  Sometimes it’s about giving to ourselves as my wisdom cards told me this morning so that we can be our best. Giving to ourselves without harming others, promotes the understanding that we are enough and deserve to receive as well as give and help others.  This is not about being selfish. Rather it’s about caring for ourselves so that we can be our strongest and most empowered persons.  Those are the selves that can do the most to help heal our wounded world.


So much love and caring for you All,

Sharing HeartPath Healing


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My Dearest SiStars
I would make life easier for each of us if possible but instead we learn as we go and hold each others hands for support.  I hesitate in writing this.  It’s long letter and perhaps a check in with reality.  My hope is it will have something to share with you as you read it.  Perhaps a cup of tea and a journal for your thoughts would be good as well.

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