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The Power of Words


My Worth In Gold

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                      My Worth In Gold


What Am I Worth?!!!

My thoughts, my gifts, my inspirations, my work?

What is my worth in Gold

In Money

In Coin

What is Labor’s charge

And is it tainted pay?


Can Woman receive with

Conscience clear,


or does the body clinch in

ancient mores when saying,

“I charge this much”.........

Do you hear instead,

“Money is sinful;

“You should teach for free;

Jesus didn’t charge his followers!”

(Though tithing is a big thing now)



Because I am a woman

My Offerings are not worth money?

Are my Gifts expected to be free?

Half price at most…

(What would my friends think if I charged?

Let alone my Betters?

That ‘s a charged term for discussion later)”


I Am Worthy of Gold

and Silver

and more than can be counted.

Hours, Days, Weeks

Creating a painting,

Writing a poem,

Discovering ways to share Healing,

They take whole sections of our life time.

Gender Does Not Determine My Value!

or the value of my Offerings.


I am worth more than can be paid,

but I will agree to a fairer wage than Free

or Bargain Basement level,

A wage that honors my efforts

Skill and Intention.

I work from Love

As well as Skill.

I work to bring Love

As well as teach Healing of one’s self.

I work with full Intention

of bringing only good.


I am worthy of Gold and more……….

And so are your Dear SiStars.

That is my lesson,

a teaching, for us all.


And so it is

And so it is

And so it is.


Feather 1/7/2021

So much love, Beautiful People.

Heart Blessings wrapped in Red Thread,


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My Very Dear SiStars,

So unbelievably much has happened in this time that has been previously unthinkable for me and so many others.  I am not here to explain or speak to all that or those who participated and what precipitated this...... or even our course for the future.  I must say however that much of what has happened seemed fomented on a lack of common respect and concern for one another, a very careless use of words.  It is a prime example of the Power of Words!

Several have said,

"Words Matter"


Indeed they very much do matter.  The words I say here and those we each say day to day so often hide the effects of our own inherited traumas, There are terrible abuses that have happened to us all both in present and in other distant times.  Before there were jails there was unbelievable physical torture and murder instead.  Those things happened to bodies of all colors and that trauma and fear resides in physical ways in our bodies today. 


Resmaa Menakem, author of My Grandmother's Hands, says it is the trauma of our ancestors hiding in the DNA and genes of our present day bodies that makes us fearful beyond compassion and reason, and sends us into fight, flight, or freeze mode.  We fear that once again we will be reduced to the lesser-than status we endured in older times by the words, whether truthful or not, of those who seemed to know, to lead, to have authority and often money. Money is power both yesterday and today. But have we accessed the truth of the words that are sirens to our ears? It is my belief that always we need to look carefully at the authority we give to other's words when it is over our own lives. 


Words have had an especially overpowering effect on women for eons, They assure many of us we are lesser than, have no ability to earn or take care of money, property or possessions.  Religions have told us it is sinful to have money, unless it is given to the church.  My father, a liberal minister for 50 years, once said he didn't believe anyone could get rich honestly, yet he enjoyed having money and spending it as much as anyone else.  Words like these, and in earlier ages, the actions that kept women from owning property or money, kept them in the kitchen or having children, devalued them and are still embedded in the bones of the bodies we occupy today. 


I am in the process of creating and offering a new series of Red Thread CircleShops for YOU my SiStars.  Always there is the question of how much should I charge.  I agonize over that for quite a long time reviewing many scenarios before choosing a final cost  that "feels" right.  I have worked many many hours to offer the CircleShops that I create, put heart and sweat into them as well as a whole life time of learning.  My honest desire is to bring help, insight and new tools to all the women who are interested in learning them..........Still, a part of me questions whether or not I should charge at all for them? 


As I was working on this issues just a day ago, I suddenly realized that when I turned my thoughts to what financial exchange I would ask for my work, I found my entire body clenching  in unhappy anticipation.  It surprised me.  I knew my own issues here and have done much work with them both on my own and with council. BUT...This was a physical, visceral response in my whole body and my bones. I asked my Guides for help and to my surprise, as I rested in bed before going to sleep, I was looking thru my Journal and suddenly felt I needed to write.  A poem came out of that and it felt so clarifying, and was a powerful statement to myself of my own value.  I thought "Oh Right, who is going to read this and not cringe...think it self serving of me and stupid?"  Do you ever feel that way about things that seem truly important to you? 


I decided it WAS important, not only for me, but for you, all of my Dear SiStars as well.  So I share this poem with each of hopes that is may give you permission to clear your own money issues, enhance your own self worth and to witness the power of words in your own life.  We MUST be aware.  Words have an incredible magic endowed energetically in their sounds, and their appearances.  They represent realities and energies buried in our own bodies known and unknown.  We must learn much more respect for their power and use them accordingly.  These are the words on a painting I started and it set the tone for the whole piece, guided me to the final piece it became after these  stages and parts of it.



Below is the poem I wrote .  May it speak to each of you in Empowering ways. 



© 2021 by Rose Crone Guide. of HeartPath Studio in Santa Fe  NM

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